What a great and interesting experience I had in today’s session. I am looking forward to my healing and life improvement. Thank you Gladys for making this experience extraordinary.

Submitted by Daysi C on Monday, May 27, 2019

An excellent experience.

Gladys is a beautiful, caring, kind soul whose professional and loving guidence facilitated a wonderfully informative QHHT session that I will be referring to for a long time to come. Such a pleasure working with you Gladys! Blessings! I look forward to seeing you again. M

Submitted by M on Friday, Apr 19, 2019

Great experience

Amazing woman, since we first met by phone there was a good energy flow. She was understanding and kind all the time since I contacted her and after the session. Definitely an expanding and growing experience. Blessings

Submitted by Diana on Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019

Gladys B was wonderful

I would definitely recommend Gladys. My session was very thorough and she was both compassionate and informative. It has been a few days since and I am feeling like the experience is still doing its magic releasing inner limitations.

Submitted by Ivette A. on Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

What an angel

The Experience was blissful . I would recommend her to anyone wanting to try QH. I feel lighter with a clearer mind . Def worth it

Submitted by Samantha Cunha on Tuesday, Dec 25, 2018

She perfectly orchestrated a complete change in my life

Gladys and I were meant to have a session together. It was as much about me as it was about her. She facilitated and orchestrated everything to perfection and I already know we will be working together in the future. Trust your instincts when choosing your practitioner as it is not your human self who makes the choice - it is your higher self.

Submitted by Maria on Monday, Nov 12, 2018

Quantum hypnosis & past life regressions

Great experience. Gladys is very professional. I already noticed an improvement in all the aspects I was looking for answers. It was completely worth it. And the advantage is that she speaks Spanish, and it made me feel very comfortable. I definitely recommend this practitioner.

Submitted by Norma on Friday, Oct 26, 2018

Gladys goes above and beyond!!!

When I came across Dolores and her hypnosis technique, I was extremely excited to find a practitioner near me to do a session. I called a couple of people before Gladys, but the time she took to really explain the process and her enthusiasm and caring that came through, convinced me she was the one to go through this amazing life experience with. I cannot explain how much Gladys goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are informed, at ease and get the most out of their session. She was on the phone with me a couple of different times before my session, sent out best practices for before the session and provided follow-up materials to use afterwards (outside of verbally explaining all this, she also put it in writing!) On the day of, she spent so much time getting to know me and my questions before we started, explaining a lot of different concepts and ideas beforehand, and she was just as excited as I was to get the answers I was seeking from my higher self as I was! Gladys did an excellent job of getting me in a very relaxed state and facilitating the Q&A. I really have never had a counseling session where the practitioner was so invested in a successful outcome and who I truly felt really cared about the work she was doing and the people she was doing it with. To top it all off she was just plain fun - great sense of humor, very loving light and fun energy, which did come across in the interactions with my higher self. I recommend Gladys 100% wholeheartedly for a beautiful and enlightening experience!

Submitted by Sam I am :-) on Monday, Oct 08, 2018



Gladys is very sweet and genuinely cares about her clients’ experience. She took all the time it needed to make sure all my questions were answered. I would definitely recommend!

Submitted by Carolina on Friday, Oct 05, 2018

A Light Worker with an Extraordinary Gift

Dolores's Cannon guided me to Gladys, no doubt about it. Gladys its an extraordinary QH practitioner who immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. It was my first Past Life Regression and the experience was outstanding. I'm still amazed by the information I heard in the session recorded. I thought I fell asleep, but no. The messages were flowing in perfect timing with the higher self. If anyone is looking for profound answers to existential doubts, Gladys can help you connect. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Isis on Wednesday, Aug 01, 2018


Gladys was very loving and gentle. She was very generous with her time and made me feel very comfortable. Her home office was very nice. The experience overall was excellent. I highly recommend Gladys.

Submitted by Dani on Friday, Jul 20, 2018

Una experiencia profunda y reconfortante

Recomiendo a Gladys con toda confianza, mi sesion de Quantum Healing fue muy satisfactoria y sorprendente, me habia informado sobre esta modalidad pero la experimente por primera vez, realmente puede ayudarle a entrar en contacto con todo el conocimiento guardado en su subconsciente guiada por la experiencia ,la paciencia, la empatia y el amor que Gladys trasmite,ella emplea el tiempo que sea necesario para aclarar todas sus dudas y preguntas con total dedicacion, la sesion es larga pero el tiempo pasa inadvertidamente. Ese dia termine cansada pero al siguiente me he sentido muy ligera y positiva.Definitivamente les recomiendo que hagan su cita para que mejoren su calidad de vida.

Submitted by Maria Eugenia Rodriguez on Tuesday, May 29, 2018