Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT
4-6 Hrs Session –Session in Person - $250 it includes an audio recording of the session

This technique was developed by Dolores Cannon. It is not traditional hypnosis in a sense but more of a spiritual journey. Your Subconscious knows every answer to every question, it has all the memories you have ever experienced since the beginning of your soul, beyond this life. Past-life regression is a therapeutic practice which guides your consciousness to a deeply relaxed state where your awareness is directed beyond time and space to explore memories and visions revealed by your Subconscious. Past-life memories can be brought up to allow for healing and understanding, to gain insight into one’s life path, or to release patterns or illnesses carried over from another lifetime. The client prepares two lists prior to their session, one with questions that they would like to ask their Higher Self, the other list is prepared with health concerns that a client would like to receive healing. A QHHT session is a transformative and powerful experience. It will open your mind, heart and imagination. It will allow you to have the greatest understanding you perhaps have had in this life and allow you to make changes to support your soul’s growth


Beyond Quantum Healing or BQH
2-4 Hrs Session - Session in Person - $250 / Online Session - $225 - Includes  audio recording of the session

BQH is a heart and energy-based healing modality. BQH was created and based upon classic "past life regression" hypnosis models, but with a great many important and distinctive differences. BQH promotes creative and individualized approaches, allowing each practitioner to utilize any techniques and skills they have gathered over their lifetime. BQH is "quantum" which can mean "multidimensional," so shifts may occur on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I am able to utilize any additional energy healing modalities at my disposal that I feel will be beneficial and I do this complimentary as part of the session. Some of these additional energy healing modalities that will be available to you, as part of your session include Reiki and crystals.
Quantum can also suggest that healing may occur without regard to proximity, BQH is presented in a way to assist clients not only in person but also via the internet using video conferencing programs. The difference with a BQH session really comes down to flexibility and convenience of being able to have your session via online while in the safety and comfort of your own home.


Introspective Hypnosis Healing 
2-4 Hrs Session - Session in Person - $250 / Online Session - $225 - Includes  audio recording of the session

This is a technique for the treatment of psychological disorders such as phobias, fears, sorrows, anorexia, bulimia, low self esteem, insecurity, migraine, obesity, obsessions, quit smoking, obesity and allergies. Using hypnosis we get access to a person's subconscious and go to the origin of those psychosomatic symptom. Once we understand the psychological or emotional origin and deal with it, the symptom disappears.
Introspective Hypnosis tries to focus on events or issues that originated in the current lifetime. If the origin is not found in the present life, then we ask the subconscious to take us to a past life to the time when it originated. It is the objective of Introspective Hypnosis to look for those pending issues that might have originated either in this life or in a past one. You can say it is a form of quantum healing.

Group Regressions - For a taste of a past life regression
2-3 hrs - $25 each person (minimum 4)

Group Regression is for a number of people to experience a lite regressive state. A great way to sample a regression to a past life, meet your spirit guide or guardian angel and a future life, all in one session. The Subconscious knows what is best for the client. First, you are regress to a past life and see different scenes/memories of that life, then you get to select who you will meet either your Spiritual Guide or Guardian Angel and receive a message from them, then you will move forward to a future life.  This is a fun and exciting way to spend an entire evening with friends and family, what better way than to explore one’s past lives and messages received from spirit realm.  If you have a party or an event this would also be something exciting you could incorporate.