Why would anyone seek a Past Life Regression Session?

For any and every reason you could possibly imagine! Common concerns are physical health, emotional concerns, self-worth issues, life path questions, career changes, curiosity about soul origins, missing time or to solve other mysteries.

Past-life regression is a therapeutic practice which guides your consciousness to a deeply relaxed state where your awareness is directed beyond time and space to explore memories and visions revealed by your subconscious mind and soul. Each experience during a regression session is unique. Past-life memories can be brought up to allow for healing and understanding, to gain insight into one’s life path, or to release patterns or illnesses carried over from another lifetime.

Perhaps the explanation for these strange phenomena may be rooted in past lifetimes

Do you experience any unexplained fears, physical pain, phobias or emotional issues? These can be understood through past life regressions which will then improve your quality of life as well as your sense of connection.
Have you ever experienced a sudden, inexplicable attraction or repulsion to someone you’d only just met?
Do you suffer from a relationship that doesn’t make sense?
Have you ever felt like you know a place that you’ve never seen before? 
Do you ever wonder, "Why am I here? What's my purpose?"
If you’ve often wondered, “Why am I here?” or “Where is my life going if I continue on this path?” then Past Life Regression Therapy is right for you.

Experience Your Past Life

* Discover extraordinary details about your past

* Decipher relationship issues from prior lifetimes

* Understand why your purpose for this life

* Unravel karmic debt which may be holding you back

* Know who's been with you before and who they were

What is Hypnosis

The word "hypnosis" originates from Greek "hypnos" (sleep), it describes both the state of mind and the technique which is used to induce it. Is an altered state of increased awareness, which allows your senses to become enhanced during the deep levels of hypnosis, it is also a link which forms a bridge between the mind and the body, the conscious and the subconscious, imagination is the language of your soul. 
So, even if you have never been hypnotized by a therapist, you already have a lot of experience of being in hypnotic trance! People who meditate regularly have more experience with it and can put themselves into hypnotic trance (self-hypnosis) - but almost anybody can be hypnotized if they are willing to relax and follow therapist's instructions.

The most often question I get is: Can everyone be hypnotized?

 Almost anybody, about 90% of people can be hypnotized if they are willing to let it happen, but not everybody can go into very deep levels of trance called "somnambulism". The answer is that hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. It is the state we enter right before sleep and the minute we wake up. It's the same state we are in when we are very focused, like driving a car and missing your exit or have no idea how you just got there. It is very similar to the dream state. We all go into it many times a day. So to answer your question, most everyone can be hypnotized.  After hearing the explanation of hypnosis, my clients are comfortable enough to relax into a wonderful and peaceful trance state which means they can be hypnotized to find the core issue and release it.

Do I have any control in hypnosis?

First of all, you can't be hypnotized if you do not like or trust the practitioner. If you do not have "rapport" - a feeling of trust and emotional acceptance. You also can control how deep you want to go. You can even open your eyes or move or get up and go to the bathroom if you need to! (but it is better if you minimize liquids intake before the session so you do not have to...) You are always in control - but for your own sake it is better to let yourself relax as deeply as possible to have the best result of the session! The deeper you go (the slower the brain-waves) - the better results you will have. It is MY JOB to make sure you do not fall asleep!  Hypnosis is not sleep - it is 'in between" state - when you are not asleep and not awake, but hanging right on the border...

Regresiones a vidas ante pasadas

Past Life Regresssions

Past Life Regressions